Safe folder management

Safely protect your files that you've saved to the cloud.

  • Don't worry, let Folder Cryptor
    take charge of the security

    With Folder Cryptor, your use of cloud is safe.

  • Create secure folders

    Safely upload files from the cloud
    to Folder Cryptor's secure folders.

  • Put your files in secure folders

    Just put your confidential files into your cloud folder.
    Folder Cryptor will take care of the security.

  • Share secure folders

    Share your secure folders safely with
    your family, friends, or colleagues.

  • Folder Cryptor for Dropbox


    Dropbox users can use Folder Cryptor
    on iOS and Android mobile devices
    as well as Mac and Windows.

  • Folder Cryptor for Google Drive


    Google Drive users can use Folder Cryptor
    on their iOS mobile devices.

Be safer with Folder Cryptor.
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