Safely protect your files saved on
Google Drive

Aren't you worried about the files you uploaded to Google Drive?
iPhone and iPad users can safely protect their files with Folder Cryptor.
Put your trust in Folder Cryptor to take care of your files.

  • Make and edit secure folders for Google Drive

    You can make and edit MS Office documents (Power Point, Excel, Word, text documents).
    Conveniently edit your documents on your mobile device with Folder Cryptor.

  • Files are automatically encrypted before uploaded into secure folders

    Files you are uploading into secure folders are automatically encrypted before uploaded.
    Even if the files leak, what a stranger can do is only deleting them.

  • Files are automatically encrypted before being shared through shared secure folders

    You can share work files safely with colleagues.
    Share your secure folders. Only members that you invite -your family, friends, or colleagues- can access those folders.

  • Use advanced secure folders if you want to share your files as read-only

    Do you want to share your files with colleagues but not want them to edit or send them to others?
    Use advanced secure folders. Your colleagues can only view the files.